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We are XPLOREPERU SERVICIOS TURISTICOS SAC; a company specialized in adventure travel. Founded by Alberto Silva Navarrete, travel agent and enthusiastic adventurer in Peru, XPLOREPERU was created to organize adventure travel experiences with all the facilities and amenities, and make your journey through South America an unforgettable experience.

We have vast experience in 4x4 and adventure travel throughout the Peruvian and South American geography. We have the necessary logistics for our trips in Peru and are renowned partners in neighbouring countries, making our staff the ideal resource to organize and implement the adventure that our customers expect.

In 2013 we organized and operated the official tour of Dakar called "La Gran Partida" or "Le Grand Depart" being in charge of over 100 VIP travellers from all over the world who came to be part of this rally.

We combine the pleasure of driving a 4x4 and doing other activities such as trekking along the Inca Trail in Cusco or kayaking on the Titicaca Lake with all the comfort the modern world offers us. In your hands is the decision on the activities, and in ours is organizing it soundly. It is in your hands to decide on the activities; and in ours, to organize it the best way.


Our staff is led by Alberto Silva Navarrete, professional travel agent, seasoned off road adventure guide, well-known in the Peruvian and international 4x4 environment. Since 2010, Alberto has been part of the Peruvian recognition team for the Dakar Rally and the Dakar Series in South America. He specializes in travel and expeditions logistics with over 40 voyages and expeditions throughout Peru and South America for tourists from different parts of the world.

We are a team made up by specialists in tourism, official tourist guides, desert guides, mechanics and assistants.

All our trips are evaluated and developed personally and are specially designed to combine adventure activities with the amenities of unbeatable innovative services of the renewed Peruvian and South American tourism market.