More and more companies are choosing to reward their employees, partners and more productive customers. Formerly, this was through an economic bonus, discount or some sort of present, but research shows that this prize was soon easily forgotten. This is the reason why, a new mode of rewarding collaborators is by designing 'INCENTIVE TRAVEL'.

Remember that everyone likes to travel. The spirit is driven to know new courses and challenges; it moves us out of the daily routine and leaves memories for a lifetime. In an incentive trip friendship and camaraderie are reinforced, hierarchies are minimized resulting in increased confidence among employees. All this leads to creating better communication and job satisfaction. 

These incentive trips are used as a reward for objectives achieved. The company presents this award to its employees in order to encourage employees or collaborators continue their efforts to achieve goals. 

Promoting travel produces the necessary emotion at the start of the incentive campaign and holds it until the end. Promoting an incentive trip must be based on an attractive slogan, which often includes the destination. 

It is very important that participants are fully informed of the progress of the campaign, the calculation of the results and its assessment.  


The incentive gives the option to create an experience that cannot be repeated.

"You may return to this site whenever you want, but this trip will not ever repeat no matter how much money you have."

It is the most direct action of companies: no TV, envelopes, banners, hostesses...

You will offer your best customers or your outstanding personal something they cannot afford. A true attitude of gratitude.

Can anybody offer more?

An incentive trip finances itself. What? How so?

Very simple, because when the time comes to board the plane only those who have managed to achieve the stated objectives will do it, and that will mean that the company has met the objectives, of which a small part is used to finance the trip. 

Evaluating the rate of return and the end of the action are the beginning of the next: Where are we going next year?

At the end, you can combine social networking opening a page of the trip and have the guests share the photos during and after the trip.


It's more than that. An incentive trip is a reward for a job done so it must be A PERFECT TRIP. This kind of trips must have all the 24 hours of every single day for the journey it takes, all well planned. On the other hand, the trip must fit the characteristics of the people who will take it (age, marital status, professional profiles, tastes, family or individual travel, etc...) 

So, you see, an incentive trip should be in the hands of real professionals to prevent such incentive from becoming just the opposite. 

The perfect marketing for your product is the incentive trip in the following cases:

  • If you have 30% of your customers that make it 70% of sales (Pareto curve).
  • If your product sales depend heavily on the advice given by the dealer to the final customer.
  • If your market is perfect and the differences between your product and the competitor are every time more noticeable.
  • If the margins are increasingly reduced to be cheaper, but it has little room for manoeuvre.
  • If you have a very "experiential" product and want to pass it to their distributors.
  • Nothing gives you more for your money. You control each expense and this investment yields profit.
  • Shared with the family and with other people in the company.
  • It gives you the opportunity to transfer their training and identity as a brand and as a company.
  • It’ll never be forgotten. A trip is never forgotten and you will always boast of it. 

Make your customers your best commercial agents.

Why travelling on 4x4 trucks?

Plunging into the desert, facing new challenges, driving across a dune while team-working with commitment and effort, sleeping on a deserted beach accompanied by the light of a campfire, strolling through the Andes and visiting small villages to know people and their customs are some of the advantages you have when travelling overland. Our country and its vast geographical diversity provide us the perfect scenario to travel overland in a 4x4 and feel as if you were part of the landscape setting.

"On living a few days sharing  the tasks of the trip in team, you´ll observe that this atmosphere is transferred to your company."